Do not forget the initial heart, carry forward with weight---Review BSTSTRAP Huzhou Packaging Exhibition 2019 Asia Logistics Exhibition

In 2019, the 20th year of the Asian Logistics Exhibition, He Lim, president of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, said in the 20th anniversary of the Asian Logistics Exhibition: "The 20 years are also the 20 years of China's logistics industry booming."

Li Peigen, chairman of the China Mechanical Engineering Society, also said: "Logistics equipment is a basic, strategic and leading industry that supports the development of the national economy."

In 2019, BSTSTRAP also entered the tenth year of logistics and transportation security. Ten years is a record of a journey, and it is the beginning of a journey. At this node, the exhibition also brought us new inspiration.
Through this exhibition, we summed up the following experiences: Do not forget the initial heart, carry the weight forward.

The exhibition covers an area of ​​over 85,000 square meters, attracting more than 120,000 professional visitors. It is the largest event in history.

There are nine major themed exhibitions held in the same period, except for the logistics exhibition, and the Asian International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition, Shanghai International Industrial Parts and Subcontracting Exhibition, Asia International Cold Chain Equipment and Technology Exhibition, Shanghai International Compressor and Equipment Exhibition, China (Shanghai) International Heavy Machinery Exhibition, Asia International Aerial Work Machinery Exhibition, Asia International E-Commerce Packaging Technology Exhibition, Asia Intelligent Processing and Industrial Parts Exhibition.

Compared with previous years, the audience of this exhibition covers more fields and the audience is more professional.

In this exhibition, many interested customers are the first to contact polyester composite strap and braids. They are looking for alternatives to traditional logistics packaging consumables.

Faced with the concerns of such customers, our employees provide customers with the best solutions with a wealth of business knowledge and a comprehensive product line.

There are also customers who are already using such products. In this exhibition, they also gave tentative inquiries about the parameters and scope of the products and even new products. They also gave our company a new experience in technological innovation and development of new products. Inspired.

Since the establishment of BSTSTRAP, our initial intention is to provide a safer and more convenient related service for the logistics transport packaging industry, and this is what we have been striving for for ten years. At this node of ten years, in addition to sticking to the heart, now we must also bear the customer's expectations of the product. The road to pioneering may not be good, but our BSTSTRAP will definitely move forward.