BSTSTRAP BONDED CORD STRAPPING are produced from high tenacity polyester yarns and hotmelt. Textile straps can be a good alternative for Steel and PET straps especially at cold and humid climates. Textile straps are soft products that can be used also without buckles and is a cost effective alternative for PET and Steel straps which can only be used with battery charged tools or semi/full automatic strapping machines.

From 7mm up to 38mm width (min. 210kgf - max. 2000kgf)

BSTSTRAP Textile Straps Advantages;

High Strength

Shock Absorbent

Does not get loose ( High retain tension)

Highly Elastic and Flexible

No sharp edges that could damage your products

Does not damage cargo

Resistant to Severe Weather Conditions and UV

Cost Effective


Printing with company name and/or logo on the straps is available

Germanischer Lloyd approved

Fast and east to use

Soft and can be used without buckle

Safe Usage