13mm Composite Cord Strap BT-VS-40

Product CodeWidth(mm)Broken Load(kg)Linear Break Strength(kg)Coil Length (m)Core Diameter (mm)Coil/BoxCoil /Pallet
A Series
BT-VS-5016 mm670425850200290
BT-VS-6019 mm 770475600200290
BT-VS-6519 mm 950625500200290
BT-VS-8525 mm 1500925450200290
BT-VS-10532 mm 26001500250200290
B Series
BT-VS-4013 mm4703001100200290
BT-VS-4515 mm500250800200290
BT-VS-5516 mm830550600200290
BT-VS-6619 mm 1080725500200290
BT-VS-8025 mm1350785500200290
BT-VS-10732 mm 26001500230200290
C Series
BT-VS-3012 mm4702901100200290
BT-VS-45T15.5 mm570290800200290
BT-VS-60W19 mm 770475500200290
BT-VSL-6019 mm 645380700200290
BT-VSL-60W19 mm 645380500200290

polyester composite strap is made of high-strength polyester, because of its special texture-strong cushioning resistance, it can be flexibly and widely used in transport safety packaging. polyester composite strap is made of multi-strand high molecular polyester fiber, which is used to bind and fix the dispersed goods, making it more safe and convenient in the process of transportation.


High strength tensile force, withstand 0.5-8.5 tons of tensile force, can replace the traditional steel strip;

Having ductility and post-deformation resilience;

High stamping resistance;

The fastening strength is high, and the packing fastening can be reused;

Soft texture, safe to use, no damage to products;

Not rusting or deteriorating;

Packaging tool cost is low, save cost;

Environmentally friendly and recyclable.