16mm Hot Melt Strapping BT-HM-16G

Hot melt Strapping are produced with high strength original polyester yarns by adding a special kind of adhesive. For the quality of Hot melt Strapping, the quality of high tenacity polyester yarn and formulation of the glue are decisive factors. This type of straps can be used on different strengths by depending on different product widths and properties.

Hot melt Strapping are the products which are the safe and economic for bundling the commercial packing. They are used especially in agriculture, landscape, automotive, printing and baling sectors and are resistant to weather conditions.

Hot Melt Strapping will not stretched under load like polypropylene.It’s non-toxic, no corrosion, no rust or contamination. Hot Melt Strapping is not affected by sunlight or weather. Safer to use. Unlike steel strap, Hot Melt Strapping have high capacity to absorb shorks during transport. No sharp edges to damage your product or forklift tyres.

Product CodeWidth(mm)Linear Break Strength(kg)Coil Length (m)Core Diameter (mm)
B Series
BT-HM-19B19 mm 50060076mm
S Series
BT-HM-9S9 mm28050076mm
BT-HM-13S13 mm 4001100/50076mm
BT-HM-16S16 mm 45085076mm
BT-HM-19S19 mm55060076mm
G Series
BT-HM-19G19 mm72550076mm
BT-HM-25G25 mm 95050076mm
BT-HM-30G30 mm 100015076mm
BT-HM-35G35 mm117515076mm
P Series
BT-HM-19P19 mm95040076mm
BT-HM-25P25 mm 117540076mm
BT-HM-38P38 mm185010076mm