25mm Woven Cord Strapping BT-WSC-80


Product CodeWidth(mm)Linear Break Strength(kg)Coil Length (m)Core Diameter (mm)
BT-WSC-309 mm215150076
BT-WSC-4013 mm380110076
BT-WSC-4513 mm50075076
BT-WSC-5016 mm45085076
BT-WSC-5516 mm60060076
BT-WSC-6019 mm58060076
BT-WSC-6519 mm75050076
BT-WSC-6619 mm110050076
BT-WSC-8025 mm100050076

Woven lashing straps are an economic and easy to handle alternative for conventional tension belts and/or complex wooden crates for load securing. The use of lashing is steadily increasing as a method for load securing on flat racks and in containers. Our heavy duty lashing straps helps to replace expensive multi-way straps and to support and replace complex wooden crates. Polyester Lashing. High Tensile Strength.

Woven strapping is a viable alternative to steel strapping for heavy-duty applications. It offers excellent resistance to moisture and is frequently used in outdoor applications. 

Commonly used for lumber containment, agricultural bracing, and boat holding

Strap can be secured using buckles and seals, or it can be hand tied

For heavier applications of cord strapping, use metal buckles and tensioners

Three types of cord strapping are available, which are woven cord, bonded cord, and composite cord.

Woven cord strapping are used primarily for securing heavy and extra heavy loads in the bundling, metal and plastics industries as well as for rail car load securement.